CALL US AT  UK 0800 644 4229 USA +1 800 292 3147 

CALL US AT  UK 0800 644 4229 USA +1 800 292 3147 


We are delighted to work in a business which has such fantastic products which we love as much as our clients. There's nothing better than delivering a high quality vehicle to a contented and happy client.


Our background is in the luxury asset business. We focussed our initial few years on SuperYachts and built up our connections with high net worth individuals.

These same clients realised we'd done a great job in sourcing the perfect yacht, so they started asking us about other luxury assets they were keen to find.

When we realised we can add value to this area, we setup Lomond Cars to compliment the other services we have and ensured we kept close to our important clients.

Douglas McFarlane is our London based CEO who hails from Loch Lomond in Scotland, and hence the business name. His  background in banking, technology and sailing compliment his business interests.

Born in the shipbuilding town of Clydebank, with a father in the yards building the QE2, he was destined to focus his energy on yachts. However fast cars, and aircraft are also a passion and have become complimentary businesses allow us to focus on what our clients want.

Douglas McFarlane


Leading the group and finding enough time to close deals in all luxury assets.

Anne Darnell

Client Director

Ensuring we progress and meet expectations, Anne has talents in looking after our clients.

Gregg McFarlane


Sourcing cars for clients and looking after the financial experts. An accountant by education, Gregg juggles his number skills with his passion for fast cars.

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